Chez Laynac

2013-05-24 18.26.17 2013-05-24 18.38.55 2013-05-24 18.50.12

There’s something about three day weekends that seriously propels people into relaxation, let-loose, enjoy-everything-under-the-sun-in-three-days frenzies. I am one of those people, no doubt about it.

This memorial day weekend started off with a delicious latin-fusion meal at Gilberth’s in the Dogpatch. This one has been on our list for a while so how wonderful to knock it out on a romantic spring evening. Alligator tacos, incredible smoked ribs, and caramelized plantains really did us in.

No three-day weekend would be complete without some marked indulgence in homemade culinary undertakings. To make things even better, we invited my favorite family ever to come join us. I freestyled a strawberry, lemon, and mint sparkling water, apricot pecan baked brie, a yummy salad, pistachio pesto chicken with spaghetti, and lastly a strawberry summer cake. Sounds like a lot. It was. But lucky for me, all of the dishes were a cinch. I road tested my new favorite salad dressing while I was at it and, man, it did not disappoint. To close out our loving dinner together, the Panini, Ray, Brandon and I posted up at our favorite local vista point to watch the sun dramatically plumet behind the horizon before us. Anyone else think it’s so weird how quickly the sun sets?

2013-05-25 15.47.23 2013-05-25 16.30.04 2013-05-25 16.55.42 2013-05-25 17.34.26 2013-05-25 17.56.02 2013-05-25 18.19.00 2013-05-25 18.37.53 2013-05-25 18.40.33 2013-05-25 18.43.55 2013-05-25 19.26.36 2013-05-25 20.06.49 2013-05-25 20.12.25 2013-05-25 20.12.55 2013-05-25 20.14.11 2013-05-25 20.15.26

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